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7 Jan 2011

Wszystkiego Najlepszego

Happy birthday to Tomasz! He turns 32 today, and is looking ever more piekny with every passing year. I trust Tomasz will have an excellent birthday, no matter how he may celebrate...

Intriguingly quiet on the Tomasz front of late, no twittering or Facebook updates. He was scheduled to appear this week, in the customary lunchtime slot-- but he was supplanted by Alex Deakin and Dan Corbett {i}. I hope Tomasz hasn't been ill over the past few days, he had mentioned being "under the weather" (!) just before Christmas.

I like to be optimistic, and speculate that no news is good news: In other words he has been discreetly busy with something that will herald a nice fresh start to 2011. Remember the wise words of Eric & Ernie...

{i} Nothing wrong with the dapper Alex Deakin of course, nor Dan Corbett. The latter came out with a gem today: "And it's bye-bye to that weather front; off he goes, we don't want to see him again".

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