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16 Jan 2011

Snorkling snaps

Tomasz has entertained us with a hat-trick of links on Facebook today. First a link from Nasa. Tomasz comments:
How complex is our Climate: Here, in the UK, we've just been breaking records when it comes to winter weather and *yet*, 2010 (and 2005) was overall the warmest year on record across the planet-- when all is averaged out. Seems that many places are warming but some areas are actually cooling. I know where we are!

Secondly ring inspections reveal why the Roman Empire may have fallen; nothing to do with the Bottom Inspectors in Viz, but a reference to tree-rings. Finally the lame title of today's blog-post, alludes to this National Geographic piece, about a Thai person diving down somewhere fishy and staying down a long time. There are stage-shows like that in Thailand-- so I hear.

In other news, Tomasz finds this weekend's weather grey, but "waaaarm". I thought Tomasz was from Gdansk, not South Yorkshire. Az tha bin t'Baaarnsleh lad, tha knaws? Sithee.

No news as to Tomasz's future: Given that Rob McElwee did his last onscreen performance last week, I imagine Tomasz's Met Office contract has elapsed. No news from Tomasz, is good news. To use modern parlance {i}, I hope His Loveliness is 'cool' at present.

{i} I is down widda kids, innit blud.

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