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27 Jan 2011


Many thanks to the kind contributor who sent me the linked for to this website. {vi}

So I'm Tomasz's "Barry George", plus "Jesus Christ {i}, some of those posts are stalker-esque". Oh dear... least they have given me a good laugh. I can only imagine have led sheltered lives or just have no sense of perspective-- because they clearly have no idea what *real* stalkers are like. I have the 'honour' of dealing with stalkers on a professional basis, and their activities are far more distressing and sinister than this harmless and benevolent blog.

For those benighted Moopy users' information I don't hang around Tomasz's house, steal his underwear, follow him around, grope him, constantly send him flowers or plan to attack him. And ye gods, I don't even have a "Schaf t-shirt"-- I can only apologise to Schaffans for that oversight.

The stuff I put on here about Tomasz, has been in the public domain: Be it Twitter, Facebook, his own website or BBC television/radio, some stalker am I! Hardly rummaging through his bins. I don't even know where he lives, and I respect his privacy. I'll concede I very much like him on multiple levels; but I know Tomasz is waaay out of my league, and wouldn't be interested in me 'in that sense'. So I'm not writing this, in some delusional ploy to get into his pants-- I'd be at the back of a very long queue!

Actually I started this blog over a year ago, after much suggestion from fans of Tomasz online, and fans that I knew (it hadn't occured to me, to do one previously): A way of gathering all the clips (thanks Mike and Dom), articles and Tomasz social-media musings into one place-- to wit a fan-club. Given that his Facebook page has garnered well over 6000 followers, Tomasz has a TRIC under his belt and this page gets hundreds of visitors *a day*, I like to think site is justified. So to denigrate me, is to denigrate all his fans and wonderful readers who like this site.

Of course the irony of some of those comments from Moopy-loopies, is they don't realise Tomasz is "very flattered" by my blog-- he's even kindly emailed me to say so. He didn't have to do that (no I didn't co-erce him either). I've also had people close to Tomasz emailing me, thanking me for the support (I also know from Statcounter, that a number of people from the BBC read this site). Tomasz and these other people know they are quite welcome to email if there is issue with anything I post-- as yet they haven't-- I intend for it to stay that way.

Back to Mopy, I've been described as "really being a nutcase"-- praise indeed-- projection I thnk they call it. Those who aren't conversant in droll humour or (post-modern) irony {iv}, would likely to think of me as barmy. Then again contributors there didn't 'get' the obvious irony deployed by Tomasz, regarding the Petalgate incident; so the level of self-parody of parody of a self-parody I employ, will pass them by. And they call me humourless and pretentious... anyone would think I'm lampooning their pomposity or something. Then again they would consider any pretentious, who uses words over three syllables.

Indeed if Tomasz's humour passes over their heads, they will indeed never appreciate "the Schafernaker-love one bit". Perhaps they are as shallow as a birdbath, or perhaps they are need in psychiatric assistance (are they as obnoxious and spiteful in real life, or are they just that way via cowardly online alter-egos?) Some posts thereon are suggestive of the latter...

"He's a prick, he should be struck by lightning", in fact {v}. Also poor Alex Deakin, is "one creepy bastard" (a case of projection possibly). He's jolly and affable, so it makes sense that the Moopy-loopies would object to him. Another irony is that these snipers on Moopy (or Youtube and sundry Internet sites) never seem to realise that their acrid comments {i} say more about them, than their intended target. In other words, what is the purpose of their shrill comments?

Do they have low self-esteem issues, so they have to make themselves feel good by slagging off somebody popular {iii}? Are they so jealous or threatened by Tomasz, thus they have to attack him to assuage those feelings? Easy to see how someone can be jealous of Tomasz; since he's very talented, intelligent, well-liked and handsome. Or perhaps they secretly fancy him, and can't hack it.

Or it could they are deeply unhappy, self-hating and cynical people full-stop; they have the anonymous comfort of the Internet to vent their spleen on everything on anyone. There are far worse people in the world to get angry at than The Schaf-- the haters out there should get some perspective. And learn how to use the off-button on their remotes, while they are at it.

Speaking of perspective, I'm not "going to do anything rash" about The Schaf's departure from BBC Weather. I haven't topped myself, surprising I know! Thankfully not all of us see the world through jaded eyes, and Tomasz is the sort of positive person to see the termniation of his Met Office on-screen role, as a fresh start. I have little doubt Tomasz will be back on our airwaves before too long, and I'm confident that 2011 will be the dawn of a whole array of exciting things for him.

As soon as anything is officially confirmed for Tomasz's future, I shall be all too pleased to impart that information, to my marvellous massive or Schaffans (whose loyalty to the man himself, is second-to-none) here.

PS: Many THANKS for the shouting-at-traffic RESPONSES from a couple of people at Moopy, clearly my POST touched a nerve, nay struck a chord; WONDERFULLY proved my point (and have not got the irony), QED the above. After all why read, and repeatedly comment about, a blog on somebody they dislike? That's a bit stalker-esque by their standard (as is recommending a Huw Edwards blog, ye gods!) Personally I think the Dan Corbett one is far better.

Although the point on being jealous was about being envious of Tomasz, and not of my contacts and success; perhaps a Freudian slip on their part, unless their level of comprehension is on par with their idea of "love" (well I did use subtle humour, rationality and correct orthography in my post, without being shrill).

With the above paragraph in mind, I would point out that the comments above are not aimed Moopy as a whole. Just those users who are not embued with self-awareness, and do not recognise their peevish comments insult themselves far more than me, my readers or Tomasz.

{i} He died for all our sins.
{ii} Often semi-literate and replete WITH randomly capitalised WORDS. What do they stand for? Clearly not au fait with the bold function.
{iii} The more well-liked a person is, the more the denigrating the insults
{iv} Or poly-syllabic words
{v} Also a "liablity" too. Any more than his other colleagues? Amazing how a liablity attracts so many fans and wins a presitgious award.
{vi} I haven't, and don't intend to, contribute to the site. By the way


  1. Can't believe one of them said Lex was a 'creepy bastard', and then gave absolutely no evidence to back it up. Perhaps some of them should hope to get 'struck by lightning' - it may encourage a higher level of brain activity.

    Always a Schaffan!

    Kim x

  2. Hi,

    I'm all for difference of opinion. I understand what I think of someone/thing will be different to someone else's view. That's fine. But perhaps they should realise if they want me to believe that they do not have someone in the public eye that they like/admire, I shall not.

    Seems to me just because you write a blog doesn't mean you're psychotic, or nutty, or are a stalker, dangerous or weird. It's a normal thing to do nowadays. Some people create one for actors, actresses, their work, celebrities, weathermen. Some people create one simply to tell the world what they feel etc. Some people like to have Pat Butcher as an avatar, others like to write about weathermen. Some like to use lower case lettering, others like to use random upper-case lettering. All diverse and acceptable.

    Some people will adore Tomasz (ahem), some won't like Tomasz for some reason. But nobody is going to change my view of him.

    There's a loyal Schaffan what you gonna do? Sue me?

    All the best

  3. Dear Weathermen fans,

    On behalf of Moopy may we please offer our sincerest apologies for any offence that the 'Weathermen' thread may have caused. Please do not let the cruel and ill thought out words of a few of our less loved posters tarnish our whole site. The individuals in question are merely a few bad apples in a Tomasz Schafernaker-loving barrel.

    In fact it was only yesterday that I opened a bottle of my finest amyl, before whiling away the evening sat appreciating the great man's Attitude shoot. Long may he rein, and predict the rain (ha ha ha!).


  4. Many thanks for your blogging and please keep us updated - I hate those 'saddo' snipers! Hasve a good weekend!


  5. I apologies for TurnerPrize's comments.

    He is an oaf. I will arrange for him to be banned.


  6. Well I think you're doing a great job of sounding BALANCED and REASONABLE

  7. Czesc all,

    Many thanks for the comments, very much appreciated . I thought I might get an HOUR OF HATE, oops it's catching, but I'm heartened by the responses (providing Faloola is not pulling my chain of course [haha]?)

    Madison+ Anonymous...
    Firstly I too owe an apology to the Moopy users above, the post above might implicitly have tarred you all with the same loopy brush.

    I must confess before Thursday, I'd never visited your website, until I got the link to promise all the best Tomasz Schafernaker discussion, with link to the thread

    What did I find? Mostly bile directed at Tomasz (also his colleagues too), so I didn't get the best impression of the site alas.

    So I glad to see there are good sorts on Moopy, and it appears that a 'certain user' has form and is disliked. Whilst I would prefer not read such comments, I do find they very funny on a level. Then again, I am Viz reader-- confer Letterbocks [wink]!

    Pleased to see there is some Schaffanatic love on the forum. I hope you don't have a heavy meal before hitting the amyl nitrate though, you wouldn't to make the wrong kind of mess on Tomasz's Attitude pitcures. Errr, yes [haha]. "Death to Azerbaijan"-- have a load of Egyptians moved in there?

    Unstinting support as ever, nothing I can really add to what you say there [thumbs up] Construtive criticism one thing of course: However we can only speculate the motive of those who feel the urge to make aceribc remarks about Tomasz, and take the pis.. I mean take pity on them

    Thanks Steve, you're a gem. Let's just say we're likely to see Tomasz back on the airwaves before too long, but not in the usual places. I can't say much more than at present though, sworn to secrecy.

  8. Whilst supportive comments about The Schaf are always encouraged and welcomed, I don't mind constructive criticism of Tomasz as well (he may be amazing, but even The Schaf isn't perfect)

    I did at one point consider publishing the sporadic (only three in fact) malicious comments I have received here over the 16 months, as a point of humour: So intelligent people here can laugh at the hysterical attempts of bitches, who salve their insecurities by sniping about Tomasz or his fans.

    However I think it's kinder and less hassle just not feed the troll in the first place, rather than have a troll humilate and psychologically disembowel her/himself.

    If that makes the troll victimised, broken or upset, well bof. I hope it makes him/her consider what their gratuitous spite makes their targets feel like.

    Of course the irony is, such bilious abuse say more about the abuser than the abused.

  9. HEAR HEAR. To quote the younger kids of today - "haters are going to hate". Just ignore them I say.

    Whilst I'm here may I also compliment you on your fantastic way with words. I shall certainly be perusing your past entries, since this blog is a total joy to read.

    In fact you have inspired me - since back when I used to watch GMTV of a morning I did enjoy writing a series of fan fiction about Andrew Castle, where the two of us would meet and get up to all sorts of things. Not always erotic, in fact far from it (my personal favourite was when we attended the Chelsea flower show together... and ended up on the judging panel!). It probably looks 'sad' to other more narrow-minded people, but it was a great hobby for me, and Andrew and I did have some beautiful times together.

    Anyway (and do excuse my ramblings), Tomasz is the only man who has gotten my creative juices flowing in such a way since Mr Castle, so I think i'll be dusting off my creative writing pen! He's my muse! (ha ha ha!) I wonder what would happen to myself and Tomasz at the Chelsea flower show...

  10. Thanks Madison, your kind words are much appreciated. No need to apologise for you "ramblings", fine by me-- you're at least benevolent.

    Well the outrage of *those* (self-)IMPORTANT people, is a case of the biter being bit!

    I'm glad you approve of my blog, and my phraseology especially. People comment how I torture and pummel the English language, until it does my bidding [self-aware LOL]. In these days of soud-bites and txt-spk, I like to buck the trend and indulge in the overlooked treasures of the English language. Innit.

    Andrew Castle eh... were you a fan of him in his tennis years, or was it his time on GMTV that hooked you? Ah yes, the Chelsea FS-- I took interest when Chris Beardshaw was there.

    Tomasz is an inspiration for many: Stunning good looks and body, charisma, warmth, his wide range of talents and interests (easy to see why people are riven by jealousy by him)

    Do you have a blog for Mr Castle?

  11. I'm afraid not! It actually would have been nice to have had somewhere to store all my stories, and maybe people would have enjoyed reading them (though I'd have kept the, shall we say, fruitier ones to myself - ha ha ha!).

    I think i'll leave the wonderful blogging to you! Although I have started writing my first Tomasz story on the computer rather than on paper (though it's just a collection of ideas at this stage) so I suppose I could upload that one day. Watch this space!


  12. Roger, I wonder whether you'd be interested in following my blog? I'm hoping to get some of the larger weather blog community interested, and what better place to start than here?

  13. Barry:
    Suzanne Charlton, I remember her from her days on BBC EMT... before Sara Blizzard (real name!), Sally Pepper, Nicola Bestwick and Disco Des Coleman.

    I think will have to change the strap-line of my blog, considering the one you've used for yours [haha].

    Perhaps you could do some short-stories, and get them published. Perhaps best to keep the saucier ones for your diary.

    I will a bit quieter on The Schaf front though, as negotiations are still ongoing to his future project(s).