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10 Mar 2011

Springing to life!

The spring equinox is almost upon us; fittingly a glorious work of nature has come of out of hibernation, I speak of Tomasz of course.

A missive from the great man himself, via Facebook:

Hi everyone! It's certainly been a while. A lot has been happening with me lately and I'm looking forward to exciting new projects. I'll let you know the details very soon! In the meantime, Spring is just around the corner!
Tomasz ;)

So have faith Schaffanatics, for a new dawn approaches; projects with our Tomasz involved, are inherently exciting. A case of watch this space, as Brian Cox might say.

In the meantime, His Loveliness leaves us with a stimulating serene spring scene.


  1. Hooray! Welcome back! I'm excited to learn what he has on next.

  2. Thanking you Madison :-)

    More of a welcome back to Tomasz, can't wait to hear about his latest projects.