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21 Apr 2011

Moody mother nature

Easter greetings, Schaffanatics. A treat more welcome and tastier than my large Cadbury's {i} chocolate egg, is an update from Tomasz.

On that there Facebook, he informs that his website is to be updated and revamped. Fingers crossed that he reveals news of his next ventures; I should imagine some will be forthcoming, now Tomasz has parted company with the Met Office. For those heliophiles out there, His Loveliness has this message:

I'm amazed with this April hot spell. We are *well* on track for a record warm month. Temps keep climbing, maybe 28C for some this weekend. I sure hope May is nice! Just shows how moody mother nature is; we seem to be swinging from mega-cold to mega-hot in a space in a season. Although he informs of a smog warning over the coming days.

I'll be heading out into the fresh air of Lancashire, for a tour around the Forest of Bowland and Pendle Hill. I'm told the locals of Luhancashurrr have stopped burning witches on the summit of the latter.

I hope you all have a great Easter, whatever you're doing. For those of us missing His Loveliness on television, a delve into the archives courtesy of Terratec...

{i} Other brands of chocolate available. Unless Cadbury's were to send me lots of free chocolate, then I would mention the brand in every blog post!

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