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9 May 2011

Carping on

Forget the Clegglett {v}, Alex Salmond {i}, slow vote-counts in 'Norn Iron' and the Osama conspiracies {ii}, there are more pressing things in the world.

Tomasz has now posted a nice video on his Youtube channel of a recent visit to London Aquarium.

Once you get past the shark, it's quite a relaxing video. You can almost meditate to it, and breathe out your lower chakra. As a few Facebookers and Twitterers have suggested, The Deep in East Yorkshire is a great place to visit, reputedly the world's only subaquarium

It appears that the BBC's summer weather show will be airing in July, I suspect His Loveliness may well appear in it. I hope he does: Not only to put straight the cynics {iii} who think the BBC wanted shut of The Schaf; but I think it would also be a nice sign to the Met Office, who snubbed Tomasz.

Doubtless it's not just the Beeb who are interested in him either. I bet he's more special offers than the Co-op {iv}

Finally, my linguistic prowess does not extend to Spanish (or is the following Portuguese?), so if any Iberian readers or those with knowledge or said languages, could decipher the following comment left hereon.

Desde luego este chico está para salir como quiera, con ese torso y esos pectorales, es una pena tenerlo en la TV, preferiría tenerlo en la cama.

I do have some knowledge of Latin, so I'm under the impression the above is a benign comment. Hmm.

Personally I've always found Tomasz electrifying. Adios amigos

{i} As Frankie Boyle said: "Least Salmond looks like a proper Scot; in that he has the cholestrol level of a fried egg, and his heart only beats twice an hour". Nice.

{ii} I won't believe it, until the video is shown-- preferably on You've Bin Framed. It would also show Osama's burial at sea-- preceded with Osma being strecthered off a Norwegian cruise-liner. Unless of course he isn't dead, and Donald Trump has him at Guantanemo Bay, with Osama's testicles wired to a car-battery; that's to teach him a lesson, they haven't started questioning him yet. Or he's working at a chippy with Elvis and Lord Lucan somewhere in Rochdale.

{iii} Or Daily Maul and Metro types, as they are otherwise known.
{iv} Other supermarkets available
{v} David Cameron is refusing to release photographs, to confirm that Nick Clegg is dead.


  1. Of course the comment is in Spanish and roughly translated says:

    Of course this guy can do no wrong with that torso and those pecs, it's a shame he's [only] on TV, I'd rather have him in bed.

    (I'm currently in the Murcia region of Spain for a few months, as I am every year aorund this time.)

  2. Thanks for that Bill. Do you get a lot of people talking to you in such a manner in Murcia? The only Spanish I know, is "muchas grassy arse".

    I can't argue with Arturo with his comment about our Tomasz, but he can do no wrong for many other reasons too-- not least his wonderful personality and talent.