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9 Dec 2010

A blue-lit land

A quiter day on The Schaf front: Partly because of today's Prime Minister's Questions, and the attendant student protests taking up much airtime on the News Channel. Least we still got his News At One slot: He informed us that there's a brief break from the freezing weather, as temperatures will climb up to around 7C by day (albeit frosty at night); however the colder weather will be back to chill us next week-- more snow too!

Thankfully we have Tomasz to reassure us. I'm mindful that Tomasz's Met Office contract expires (next month according to reports), I'm just hoping that the BBC realise what a talented and popular asset he is to the corporation; rescue him from a non-screen role, in which he would be wasted (in my view).

Tomasz is so multi-talented, creative and intelligent-- his potential is massive! Also as a punter, I can see he has such great rapport with other presenters. I just hope that BBC bigwigs may be able to create a bright and fulfilling 2011 for him.

I'm sure Tomasz will give it his all, what ever happens. Besides, BBC training has the potential to be so much fun, if Sir Terry's anecdote has anything to go by, confer 1:07:47

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