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8 Dec 2010


Tomasz had another couple of his adorable moments today. In introducing the weather on News At One today, he tried to state the conditions would be "teeth-chattering": Except it came out as something resembling my attempts at trying to speak Polish.

"It always happens, when I try to be clever", said Tomasz. We always appreciate the effort Tomasz! Jon Sopel wryly observed that they'd had enough troublesome spoonerisms on the BBC that week, although Mr Sopel fittingly fluffed saying "spoonerism". Later Tomasz talked at 2pm, about a "frosty tart", bless.

A littany of lapusus linguae lapping over the legions of the BBC this week. Well it is Christmas party season I suppose. And whoever wrote today's episode of Doctors has either been drinking too much wine, or is an unhinged genius!

Thanks to Terratec for his upload

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  1. 'Frosty tart' LOL. Few of them about ;)Or he was thinking about the contents of that Iceland lorry that was shown just before the above clip took place, without 'suddenly-realised-she-is-a-parent' Kerry Katona this time thank god. She has a habit of turning up. Perhaps T was thinking about her...?!

    Your alliteration is mouth-watering again RM! 'Littany of lapusus linguae lapping over the legions'. Rather liked T's 'blue-lit land' at 1:30 too. What a poetical bunch!