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16 Dec 2010

Jack Frost is back!

Not the DI played by David Jason you understand, but more Arctic conditions, which could last until the New Year. After rain cleared today, a cold mass from due north swept in behind it-- temperatures my way plummeted from 7C to 0C in the space of an hour. So the rain will all become a sheet of ice, lovely.

Never mind my prehensile drivel, I'll let the good man himself explain (featuring Carrie Gracie)...

A nice close-up of Tomasz at the end of his comprehensive warning. Here's His Loveliness again, with a cartographical representation of what's ahead.

I love the fresh and crisp Arctic air; although I'm not keen on the precipation-generated ice that comes from it, as I'm sure many of you aren't-- so take care out and about. I note that Germany and parts of eastern USA are being unusually affected by Arctic air too... least we have Tomasz to warm our hearts.

Finally comiserations to the Cumonimboys on Wednesday: Tomasz's colleagues formed a team to try to beat the Eggheads (a quiz show on BBC2), but only just failed to beat them. The team comprised of: Peter Gibbs, Phil Avery, John Hammond, Simon King and Chris Fawkes. Now if Tomasz had been one on the panelists, what would have happened?

Thanks to Terratec for the uploads.

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  1. I see Tomasz has just forecast 20cm for London.
    Will he do an Ulrika tomorrow?