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18 Dec 2010

Ski you later

Tomasz has been on top form on the News Channel today. For his first forecast of the day, he told us that he would "ski you later". He then demonstrated with his hands, what the level of snowfall would be in London: "That's a lot to have in an hour". Well if anybody would know, it's our Tomasz...

Video to be posted

Tomasz also acknowledged that folk in the north are "sturdy" when it comes to the snow; any significant snow in London brings things to a halt, because of the high concentration of transport links (southern softies [wink]). Thankfully we have The Schaf to keep us informed-- nice choice of frosty blue tie!

Here in Notts, no snow today (and a positively balmy -1C). Quite ironic considering Sara Blizzard was doing the BBC East Midlands Today forecast last night!

Finally, Country Tracks tomorrow, watch between 11:45-12:00 for a scheduled appearance by His Loveliness! Wonder if he'll wear a nice pair of jeans for us, hmmm...

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