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23 Dec 2010

Annual horribilis

First of all...
"Wesolych swiat bozego narodzenia" to Tomasz and all my readers.

There was a programme on the other night, called Comedy Annual 2010, presented by that well-known comedian Philip Schofield-- our Tomasz featured. Sadly the script let him down badly, as much as I like Schofer. Firstly he claimed the weather was too much "for an over-worked weatherman". Overworked as The Schaf may have been, it was actually a cheeky (and supposedly off-camera) response to Simon Coy's waggish words.

Then Schofer mused that Tomasz (with his middle finger), was showing us how much snow we were going to get. Except the incident happened in August; even in these days of global-warming, we don't usually get snow in the middle summer. Ah well Pip, you did the best you could. Perhaps in the futre, it would be best to leave such shows to family-friendly comics, such as Frankie Boyle.

Anyway enough of *that* incident, a message from His Lovliness:
Wanted to wish you all a good Christmas. Keep watching BBC Weather for all the latest on this crazy winter...come rain, snow, ice, hail or shine!
I, myself, will be away for the festivities. Recently, I've been somewhat under the weather so I've only been popping on the box every now and then. In the meantime there's always Twitter...Happy Holidays All!

Szczęśliwego nowego roku to all, let's hope 2011 is a little better than this year. I also hope 2011 will be a bright dawn for Tomasz.

Finally, some preparation of you have elderly relatives visiting...

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