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24 Dec 2010

Meringue madness

I'm pleased to say The Schaf has made it to Gdansk for Christmas, even colder than it is in British Islands...

Tomasz was well-placed to observe a peculiar weather phenomenon. I'll let the good man himself explain: Witnessed an "icestorm" in GdaƄsk today. Hours of freezing rain mixed with clear ice chunks falling from the sky onto a thick layer of snow. The result: Everything glazed with thick ice. Looks incredible. Never seen anything like it... Up to knees in peoples gardens. Piled up 5 to 8 feet in places. It's all thick ice right now....a real ice rink, you could skate LOL!

Here are the results, looks like a meringue gone wrong!

On Twitter, Matt Taylor quipped: "That looks amazing! You can imagine the weeks of chaos that would follow if that were to happen in London". To which Tomasz replied:
"It was just mental.Guess what...everything moved slowly but,it still moved! They moaned a little,now 'who cares' LOL"

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