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6 Jun 2011

Croydon facelift

Some intriguing Tweets from His Loveliness today, been filming in a certain borough of Greater London it appears:

[I'm] having the most hilarious(!!!) day interviewing interesting/bizarre characters in the street in Croydon. I can't stop laughing. Someone help. Who says Croydon is uninteresting lol...had a whale of a time lol. [Then I] was in east London, ended up with the crew at the Natural History... what an unusual day of filming I had around London today; from a paranormal expert to a 'fish professor' lol. Off to Wales tomorrow.

It's no wonder Kate Moss turned out the way she did. And a fish professor eh? Who says fish aren't intelligent. So any Croydonites {i} spot Tomasz out and about-- or even spoke to the good man himself? And I wonder which part of Wales he is going to?

I hope the weekend's weather was kind to you. I headed up into the Cheviot Hills and Kielder, lovely fresh and cool up there, beautiful part of the world. Despite what sundry internet bitches say, Tomasz can laugh at himself. His considered opinion of last night's weather? "What a muddy sh*te this evening's weather has been. Flamin nora! Or wet nora".

Let's hope that The Schaf filming continues to be fun, and I cannot wait to see the end product. Starting a new job can often me nerve-wracking...

{i} Or whatever the correct demonym for a Croydon resident is.

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