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18 Jun 2011

Tomasz's new website

As you may have gathered from the imaginative post title, Tomasz has a new website-- very informative and well-constructed it is too!

The main news is that The Schaf will be featuring in a new programme examining the British obession with the weather-- it will be called The Great British Weather. The programme is to be fronted by presenter/actor Alexander Armstrong{i}, Carol Kirkwood (BBC Weather) and Chris Hollins (of BBC Breakfast and Watchdog fame).

Veteran forecasters Bill Giles, Michael Fish and John Kettley will also be making appearance-- plus the main man himself. So what will Tomasz's contribution be? He will join the TGBW team across the country; as they visit Cornwall, the Lake District and Greenwich (London) on its tour with a live and local audience at each destination. No doubt Tomasz will swamped by his adoring fans at these live events, he'll need a bigger entourage than Lady Gaga.

I also note from Twitter, that Tomasz has done a photoshoot with Carol Kirkwood for Radio Times-- I'm sure we all look foward to reading that edition of the magazine.

There are some other gems within the website, other than heart-stopping photographs of His Loveliness? I'm heartened to see that Tomasz doing the London to Brighton bike-ride charity {ii} again this year, for The British Heart Foundation. I'm not aware of any Just Giving page (or equivalent) just yet, I shall inform you, when one is created.

Also Tomasz has officially confirmed his departure from the Met Office, as of the end of March this year. He comments:

I’ve had a fantastic time working for the BBC on behalf of the Met Office and feel that I’ve been shown amazing support during my 10 years’ service. Their continued support contributed to my being presented with the TRIC Weather Presenter Of The Year award, an award which I was very proud to receive.

At this time I have many plans in development which will see me remaining within the world of weather as well as me exploring new avenues. I’m very excited about what the future holds but remain very grateful to the Met Office for my time in an organisation which is respected throughout the world, and which I’m only too happy to remain an ambassador for.

Just to prove Tomasz can laugh at himself (contrary to what some bilious Daily Maul readers, and bitches on certain Internet forums, may think), he has featured his infamous salute to erstwhile bromance-buddy Simon McCoy. Quoth The Schaf:

Those who know me, often remember me for my colourful on-air bloopers and the subsequent Youtube profile. The ‘finger incident’ generated over 5mln hits on Youtube (see media section) but, I’d still like to think I’m generally regarded as a good forecaster!

Well I for one think you are a good forecaster, Tomasz. The fact you have a bit of personality, you are an indivudal, not a 'polictical correct' {iii} drone nor anodyne autocutie, is one of many reason why I respect you (I'm sure many would agree). As for your humourless detractors, their cavilling remarks say more about them, than they do about you. There's a lot to be jealous of!

Finally if you have any enquiries, there is the option of e-mailing Tomasz's agent, Tim Reed.

Especially professional enquiries. I reckon it's time we revived Strange But True, with Tomasz at the helm-- c'mon telly producers-- make it happen. I'm sure if the Internet's populace can revive Wispa and get Rage Against The Machine to Christmas #1, I'm sure we can make this happen to Tomasz. Yes.

Indeed Tomasz's website is so darn good, I feel my blog and I are becoming obsolescent [self-aware chortle]

I don't even know what Tomasz is doing with his left hand here^.

{i} Pimm's o'clock chaps!
{ii} Alright then "charidee"
{iii} For want of a better term


  1. Find it hard to see the difference between Tomasz and Olly Murs from that picture!


  2. Intriguing comment Matt... I have to confess I'm struggling to see the resemblance myself-- then again that's lasik for you [haha]

    Either way Olly Murs vs Tomasz-- is there *any* competition? I think not. Although I've only heard Tomasz sing briefly, so I'm guessing Mr Murs probably wins on that score.