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19 Jun 2011

Brighton or bust

Some unfortunate news regarding Tomasz's charity bike ride to Brighton. He had tackled the dreaded Ditchling Beacon, was descending into Brighton just three miles from the end-- and disaster struck. He came off his bike, but mercifully lived to tell the tale. The Schaf tweeted:

Nearly crashed into car with couple feet to spare. Two flat tyres and a dodgy back wheel later.Phew. Only few cuts... was aiming for 3h25min. For the record,not put off by cycling!No pain no game ;). Got to laugh.Just glad a couple of plastic cones saved...dont ask how, they just did

I'm reliably informed that he escaped with 'just' bruises and cuts, thankfully avoided being pancaked by a car. Oh well, there's always next year Tomasz, chin up and don't pick at the scabs on it. Recover soon [thumbs up]

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