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22 Jun 2011

Avocado adversity

As The Schaf himself says, a strange post on Facebook from him today...

Not weather related...and somewhat of an unusual post for me but:
Has anyone noticed lately that something is wrong with avocados? They don't taste like avocados used to and, they go off within 5 minutes of buying them. I think someone's been messing with them.

I would like to find out what's going on with our avos so let's form an Avocado Army and get to the bottom of this. We demand an explanation, we demand justice! Lets raise our humble spoon to the once deliciously creamy avocado and fight 'til guacamole's kingdom come my green warriors!

Oof, all very John Shuttleworth. Up there with cardboard tray disappearing from Bounty bars. So answers on a postcard... well a post on his Fbk wall anyway. I always thought Tomasz was more of a cumquat or cucumber man myself.

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