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2 Jul 2011

An a-vest-ing sight

A couple of small pieces of news...

Firstly the first episode of The Great British Weather is on BBC1; 13th July, early/mid evening. I'm sure you'll do his His Loveliness proud, and tune in.

Secondly Tomasz has now completed his photo gallery. Some superb photos thereon; but I got stuck on this one, for some reason.

The weather is set to be fine over most of the UK, mostly clear skies and temperatures of ~20C. I'm heading off for a walk up Cadair Berwyn tomorrow, to catch some of the scorching Powys sunshine. I won't wear a vest though, because I'd look like Mr Muscle {i}

Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you're doing.

{i} Other brands of sink-unblockers available.


  1. Hi David.
    I was going to mention this to you yetserday but had some "technicals" posting. Here's my copy and paste from TTWFN.

    "Looking at the Radio Times website, the first show is on BBC1, Wednesday 13 July 2011 between 19.30-20:30".

    Hopefully, it will be great, as long as they, the BBC, don't "trivialise" it too much - like they did with the Stargazing Live earlier this year.

  2. Well spotted Mike, thanks for that info. That edition of the RT ought to be out tomorrow-- I shall buy it in anticipation of seeing our man therein.

    Hope you're well