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5 Jul 2011

Radio Times

The lastest edition of Radio Times, features a large feature about the Great British Weather programme, airing next week. BBC weather forecasters past and present appear, including The Schaf.

Tomasz pictured with Carol "Schmirkwood" Kirkwood, in some cute shots. So impressive is His Loveliness, he appears inside the front cover too!

The magazine is also worth buying, because there are fun interviews and photoshoots with other forecasters; such as Alex Deakin {i}, Laura Tobin, John Kettley, Bill Giles and Michael Fish and others. The Radio Times edition in question, is out today.

Meanwhile, Tomasz has been having fun in the Blue Peter garden...

{i} In shorts, on a deckchair, for all you Deaks fans out there.


  1. Tomasz looked so cute on the 3rd and the 4th pictures. I am imagining Tomasz wearing a sailor hat on the 3rd pictures giving a salute :-)

  2. I love your thinking Anonymous, great idea! Able Seaman Schafernaker has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

    Imagine him doing a Richard Gere impersonation with you (confer Officer & Gentleman)

  3. Not to mention how tight and form fitting the jeans Tomasz wore in the photo shoot; he looked so good in them, drool :-) On a separate note, I'd look forward to watching his new TV series provided a kind-hearted British fan, such as Terratec uploads the programme into YouTube. Please Terratec, we, the overseas Tomasz's fan would love watching his new TV series; therefore if you can be so kind... We'd really appreciate it.

  4. Very good point there!

    Terratec is a thoroughly decent bloke; so I'm sure he will be exceedingly kind and try to get video-captures for us (please Mike!). It's a shame that I-player is not available outside the British Islands.

    Sadly being the trog that I'm, I lack the equipment and space for this mystical video-capture gubbins, otherwise I would do it myself.

    My mere textual ramblings are not quite the same as seeing 'poetry in motion'!

    Tomasz definitely knows how to wear a pair of jeans [sigh]. If he does an outside broadcast, let's hope it rains hard, so the denim shrinks [haha]