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28 Jul 2011

A fishy tale

Another episode of The Great British Weather yesterday evening, Tomasz was soley {i} confined to a pre-recorded slot.

This edition saw Tomasz finding Nemo... in East Ham. There have been 600 recorded incidents of rainstorms involving fish in the UK-- and I'm not codding you {iv}. In 1998, there was even an occurence of frogs raining from the sky. "Shirley you can't be serious", I hear you cry. Yes I am serious, and don't call me Shirley {ii}

Tomasz's voyage of discovery took him to East Ham, where in 1984 a garden was littered with fish after a rainstorm. The householder was convinced these fish had fallen from the sky; the explanation was that a fishmonger had dumped surplus stock into his garden (it happens). That was until the householder found fish in his gutter!

So a fish-curator at the National History Museum {iii}, inspected the fish carcasses-- and found that they were a common species in the Thames. The theory was a heavy storm could've caused a small waterspout; these create vortices of ~200mph, capable of sucking up anything three feet below the water's surface. These fish would've been transported via air-currents for a few miles, before being deposited.

Last episode of TGBW, let's hope he makes a live appearance, preferably in shorts! The latest episode, for those in the UK and Crown Dependencies:
Tomasz appears 15m 35s in

In other news, Tomasz is supporting a London to Cape Town bike-ride, although it's unclear if he will participate. Also there's another London to Brighton ride too

{i} Yes, another fish joke
{ii} RIP Leslie Neilsen. That line gets me every time
{iii} Such a job does exist!
{iv} All these fish jokes are giving me a haddock

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