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21 Jul 2011


Some bad news and some good news regarding The Great British Weather last night. The bad news is that Tomasz was confined only to a recorded part of the show; a bizarre choice given his charisma, popularity and expertise-- and how warmly viewers have responded to his segments in the show.

The good news is that his report was up to his usual entertaining, informative and well-humoured standard. The Schaf was sent to near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, to discover whether cows really can predict forthcoming rain.

According to folklore of yore, a herd of cows lying down in a field is portent of rain. His Loveliness liased with two charming dairy farmers Jim and Kate Bevan, who let Tomasz get his equipment {i} out in one their fields full of bovine friend. So is this theory right, or a load of bull proverbial?

Tomasz set his up weather-station; a LCD read-out of air-pressure, wind-speed and temperature, plus his very own lovely eyes cast skyward. A baleful cloud came towards the field, but the cows remained upright and ambulant. Surely enough it did *not* rain.

Later the cows decided to walk under some trees, and lied down. Tomasz didn't sense a rain-shower coming, nor did his equipment-- but lo a minute-long shower came! Tomasz mused that nature can sense something, but it's a question of how reliable it is; this prompted Kate to quip that the same could be said for weathermen, causing Tomasz to laugh heartily.

There are theories as to how cows can sense the change in weather, they have some kind of sensor for air-pressure change or wind-speed; it is easier for their digestive-tracts to sit down and chew the cud while it rains.

It's a shame Tomasz is not used more on the live sections of the show, but I understand he has pre-recorded segments for the next few episodes.

For those living in the British Islands, here's the i-player link, fast-foward to 12:40, to see Tomasz's slot. So to speak.

{i} Weather equipment, before you start sniggering

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