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19 Aug 2011

Marvellous Moira

Those listening to Chris Evans's Radio 2 show this morning will have got a nice surprise, as The Schaf was mentioned not once-- but twice!

Firstly a texter called John, mentioned His Loveliness's video on the BBC website (drink me) about building a rain gauge, in reference to the torrential rain southern England received yesterday. Unfortunately John had a case of sausauge fingers, and missed out the F in Schafernaker, leading to a strained pronunciation of Tomasz's surname.


However worry not, because the legendary Moira Stewart was at hand to educate Chris, of the delights of the Weather God, and the correct surname. She called Tomasz "interesting" no less!


So who knows, The Schaf may very well turn up on Monday's breakfast, to explain himself. So watch this space... (88 to 91FM for UK listeners)

In the meantime, Tomasz's report from The Great British Weather, on St Elmo's Fire. Well sort of... the audio is there; but instead of the film, we have a slide-show of Portknockie and sundry relevant pictures. Half a loaf is better than no bread at all, I suppose. Enjoy!

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