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23 Aug 2011

Precipitation conversation

My suspicions were proven to be founded, when The Schaf appeared on Chris Evans's Radio 2 show {i}, this time in person! Well... on the other end of the phone anyway, as Chris's mystery guest. In this segment Chris has to conduct a three-minute entertaining interview, with a guest unknown to Chris-- until his producer reveals his or hers indentity just before the chat.

Tomasz got off to an enthusiastic start, praising the producer's rich introduction. With Friday's show in mind, Chris enquired about Tomasz's surname: His Loveliness confirmed it is Austrian, but some debate as to its meaning. It appears certain that the "Schafer" part means sheep, so Tomasz mused that it probably means shepherd.

Chris remarked he thought the name had a great meter {ii}, and loved saying it. Chris then asked if any of Tomasz's family come from Austria: Tomasz commented that he been discussing this with his father recently, and the Schafernakers he knows of, are largely of Polish and Russian extraction.

Chris then discussed Tomasz's first name, confirming the correct spelling and pronunciation, which enthused Chris. The Schaf self-depreciatingly chuckled that most of the mail he gets, is misspelt. Even so, I think it's a wonderfully distinctive name, don't you?

Finally talk turned to the the item which intially attracted the show's interest and praise from Moira Stewart, that was the rain-gauge. Tomasz discussed its construction, before the three-minute limit elapsed.

Here's the link, which expires on Sunday...
Fast-foward to 02:07:13


{i} For those outside the UK, that's not the actor Chris Evans, rather a (in)famous media magnate.

{ii} Better than iambic pentameter, even.

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