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7 Nov 2011

Monocle musings

Good greetings one and all.

A long time since I last updated this blog-- for that I can only apologise-- but tidings of Tomasz have been unforthcoming of late.

However some news of interest, for those jet-setters amongst you. For The Schaf has a job doing weather forecasts for the radio station of Monocle, an off-shoot of the eponymous magazine of all things of chique culture, for people who know Sir Paul Smith from WHSmith.

The weather forecasts are for those glamorous jet-setter locations: Monaco, Zurich, Dubai, Chamonix, Middlesbrough and so on. I suspect its only a matter of time before His Loveliness graces the pages of said magazine itself.

So look out for Tomasz, when you're on your hols....

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