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12 Jun 2012

Wishing I had a photograph of you

Tomasz is back on BBC South East this week, as well as BBC Kent {i}. Least we have Tomasz to give us some sunshine in this unseasonably wet and cool weather (apart sunny Nowheresville)

Normally the Jet Stream drifts north over the spring; it should be to north of Scotland, bringing mild air in from the Azores and environs. Instead the Jet Stream has kinked south, drawing cold rain-bearing air from northernmost reaches of the Atlantic. Hence only temperatures of 14C (despite the sun's power being at its peak) and torrential rain. Hard to believe it's only eight days to the start of summer, isn't it?

Whilst a super-fast strand of air does its bidding 35,000ft up, matters closer to earth. Tomasz reports that he has had a few requests recently for signed photographs. He asks that you please send a self-stamped addressed envelope to his manager at:

Tim Reed Management,
12 Moor Street London

Tomasz appeared on Radio 2, Simon Mayo's show again. Listen to this before 19th June, Tomasz discussing the wettest place on Earth...
Fast-foward to 1:40:19

Doing an uncanny impression of Jimmy Savile, when pronouncing the name of that Hawaian volcano. He definitely the best weather forecaster in the world

Finally His Loveliness thanks everyone for all "your warm fronts". He adds: "So many of them, I feel spoilt. I will occasionally be standing in for BBC South {ii} as well. Hello to my 8000th follower ;)"

{i} Radio Kent website
{ii} BBC South Today

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