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7 Aug 2012

Avocado avarice

Unless you've been trapped down a Chilean mineshaft, it can't have escaped your notice that the Olympics are upon us. Amongst the many triumphs, was Usain Bolt breaking the games record for 100m, in 9.63 seconds (what kept him?)

But never mind a Jamaican sprinter giving it welly along an athletics track, there's another feat of such time to behold-- Tomasz eating an avocado. He was set this challenge on BBC Radio Kent yesterday, hark here at 00:32:36

At the time of writing this missive, I know not if Tomasz's attempt was successful. Living beyond the listening posts of Dartford-- I haven't listened to said radio show live-- so I await the Listen Again function tomorrow.

Update: I now have the link to yesterday's programme, a snap-crackle-and-poptastic DJ called Dominic King. He updates us at 00:30:35 , and provides a nerve-fraying commentary. He also informs us that Tomasz eats around 30 avocados a month; it would keep you nice and regular, I suppose.

Whilst the olympians inspire many to greatness, I'm not sure whether The Schaf's eating endeavour will inspire similar avocado antics-- it's enough to give you guts like a lava lamp.


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  2. Why thank you Matilda, glad you like the blog.

    I feel it's incumbent upon me to chronicle momentous events in Tomasz oeuvre, such as avocado eating.