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30 Aug 2012

Finger on the Blue Pulse

It was only a matter of time. John Kettley had his own theme tune, imaginatively entitled John Kettley Is A Weatherman; so it's only fitting that His Loveliness now gets his own ode.

Some of the bonkers DJs at Radio Kent have been introducing Tomasz, AKA "Schaf", with the theme tune from the 1971 film Shaft (see what they've done there?), as sung by Isaac Hayes {i}. So in keeping with the customary lunacy of local radio, they asked the listening discerning dudes and dudesses to come up for a proper theme tune {ii} for Tomasz.

Thence some Kenitsh cool-cats rose to the challenge, and came up with an homage to the original Shaft theme tune, with lyrics that reflect Tomasz's finer tributes. A video treat for all those on Fbk {iii}, as Tomasz hears it. Ears and eyeballs at the ready...

Quide lideralee triffic, I'm sure you'll agree. The cool-cats in question, are a group called Blue Pulse, a heady mix of rock and blues. I heartily recommend you swing on by their site, and dig those crazy riffs. Or whatever rock & blues types do.

Blue Pulse

{i} Who later voiced The Chef in South Park, for those all-vital pub quizzes.
{ii} Or if you're Dennis Waterman, "feem choon".
{iii} Not least because of that blue shirt

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