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29 Nov 2012

Louche with Lucas

A new series of the Matt Lucas Awards starts in 2013, with filming ongoing now. Guess who is going to be one of his guests?

It seems Tomasz is to appear with fellow weather-presenters Fred Talbot and Sian Lloyd.

Fred is best-known for his appearances on the early days of This Morning, when it came live from Liverpool, courtesy of Richard & Judy. He would deliver his forecast from a floating map of the British Isles, which lay on the waters of the Albert Dock. These days he can be found presenting the weather forecast for ITV Granada.

Sian Lloyd frequently presents ITV national weather. She also was engaged to former high-profile Liberal Democrat MP, would-be comedian and meteorite-fretter Lembit Opik; before he unceremoniously moved onto one half of Romanian pop... errr.. 'act', the Cheeky Girls. Some might say that Ms Lloyd had a lucky escape-- I couldn't possibly comment.

Matt Lucas is best known for the drum-based score-keeper Georgie Dawes on madcap gameshow Shooting Stars, as well as his work on Little Britain with David Walliams (he's the bloke who likes PVC capers in Ceredigion, with that lady from Hi-De-Hi-- that's showbiz for you).

For those who have seen Matt Lucas's show, it is a spoof awards show, along the lines of Room 101; he had previously done the show on radio for a number of years (then entitled "And The Winner Is"), before it graduated to television in 2011.

The show is set in what is ostensibly Matt Lucas's flat, accompanied his mother, plus musician David Arnold. A subject of discussion is given, and the guests each come up with an award nomination for that subject. Also the episode has features a "performance section", where the guest must back up their nomination by giving a performance relating to it; such as singing, dancing or otherwise performing.

A couple of tasters, from previous shows.
Germaine Greer, Clive Anderson and Louis Walsh discuss the miraculous success of Jordan {i}


And the marvellous Jason Manford musing on Ikea

{i} Katie Price, not the territory, obviously

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