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16 Nov 2012


BBC Southeast couldn't contain Tomasz for long: The Schaf is to return to BBC national news, hurrah. That will also mean casual Countryfile/Country Tracks, with a bit of luck.

A statement from the man himself:

"I'm really excited to be returning to the Met Office and BBC, I've enjoyed working on some really interesting projects over the last 18 months but I'm pleased to be back working with two of the most respected organisations in the world"

So eyes peeled for His Loveliness on BBC News.


  1. Hello David - hope you are keeping well?

    This great news to have Tomasz returning back to the Met Office. But he has some competition now in the form of Ben Rich .


  2. I'm radiant.

    I note Ben Rich has has gone national, beyond the confines of BBC Midlands. A decent a cove as I'm sure he is, I don't think he's competition for Tomasz ;-)

    Hope you're well also.

  3. Hi David/Roger,
    long time etc.
    What great news about La Schaf returning to our screens. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later to warm up this chilly weather.
    Bob (TzukeNut)