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1 May 2013

Nights in bright Saturn

I've always thought Tomasz is out of this world; as if to prove a point, he's gone a few thousand miles away from the British islands, and done a weather forecast about Saturn.

Not sure it would be much fun living on Saturn-- can't imagine the atmosphere would be great.

Onto to more mundane matters: Since moving to Oxford Circus, the weather forecasters have been furnished with headphone microphones {i}, which recall the great days of Steps {ii}. They seem to be causing a few problems, as The Schaf unwittingly demonstrated the other day. Either that, or he had a case of puma {iii}

Or perhaps he had a bad case of asteroids, as he did the other week

Hint of stubble, with that smile at the end [sigh]. What more could you ask for? A better quality of puns from me, might be a start, I suppose.

{i} There's probably a technical name for them. A notional bag of sweets, for anyone who can tell me the name
{ii} How did they manage to sing so well, when they were dancing like dervishes? That's what I want to know.
{iii} Pants Up My Arse-- a wedgie-- for those who don't read Viz

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