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26 Oct 2009

News At One Bromance

Simon McCoy and Tomasz: I have talked of their banter in the past, and they have long had their "Cissy & Ada" brand of persiflage in the past; Simon usually making some obtuse comment, prompting Tomasz to make some droll and giggling comment in return.

However their badinage today was borderline flirting, I swear. During the last report of News At One, they had clearly been whispering sweet nothings to each other [Wink #1]

"I'll see you outside" eh? Whatever for? Get a room! [Wink #2]

Never mind Cissy & Ada: It was more the way Larry Grayson used to tease his pianist on his show-- rest his soul. I can hear Lal now: [Purses lip and arches eyebrow] "I said *pianist*, what a common audience. What a gay day, shut that door, look at muck in here" etc...

Anyway, no doubt when Simon and Tomasz appear together, we'll have Simon calling Tomasz "big boy" and The Schaf calling Simon "a tease" in return. It's only a matter of time [wink #3].

Video from Top Telly Fan, ta muchly

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