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7 Oct 2009

Stunning stubble

Tomasz was on form for his Radio 4 broadcast today, getting enthusiastic about a sharp contrast in temperatures last night: 3C in the depths of Scotland, whilst London enjoyed lows of only 16C, most curious.

The latter was due to a former tropical storm, which has dragged warm and moist air from the Azores. Also brought with it a large amount of rain for southern England, which Sophie Raworth teased Tomasz about-- which gave him a giggle on News At One.

He was wearing his lovely sky-blue tie today, plus he was cultivating stubble for the second day running-- a bit more obvious than yesterday. I look like tramp if I don't shave once a day, alright for some!

However I think Tomasz looks effortlessly gorgeous with or without stubble. Although stubble does add a certain something to his appeal-- what does anybody think?

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