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31 Dec 2009

Best wishes

Happy New Year to everyone, or: "Szczęśliwego nowego roku", if our Tomasz reading this.
Or you prefer: Bonne année/Ein gutes neues Jahr/Godt nytt år/Blein Vie Noa/Blwyddyn newydd dda/Bliadhna mhath ùr/Felix sit annus novus. All the best for the new decade as well {i}
[Equal opportunities linguist]

I hope all goes well for the readers, followers, Romans and countrymen who read this blog. Plus of course the great man himself, the weather god, The Schaf.

{i} Yes I'm aware if you count using calendar years, the start of a new decade would 1st Jan 2001, since there is no year 0 and 1AD followed 1BC

However if you use the scientific system, 1BC is desginated as year 0 (to fill in a missing leap year), with 1(AD) following: So using that system means any year ending in nought is the beginning of a new decade.

Besides a decade is defined merely as a period of ten years. In popular culture (and convenience) we name decades after the last two numbers they end in; to wit the nineties were the years that were (nineteen-)ninety-something.

So the above considered, the nineties ended on Dec 31st 1999 at 23:59. Shortly it will be Dec 31st 2009, 23:59; thus a decade ("the noughties"), ten years, has elapsed and the twenty-tens will commence.

That's that cleared up then. Now can I watch Jools Holland? Even though he's pre-record?


  1. Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!

  2. Romanji-- I like your style Kirsty! All the best for 2010

  3. lol where did you find that picture of him?