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30 Dec 2009

Drifting up the Woodhead

Thankfully I've missed the snow (drizzly rain instead!), but I hear it has been bad up the Cambrian Mountains and especially the Pennines: Snake Pass, Woodhead Pass and Holme Moss all closed.

Sadly we haven't had Tomasz for a few days, to re-assure us. So with this prolonged cold snap, I shall revive this classic from the vaults-- perhaps Tomasz's magnus opus! I still go all Ken & Kenneth when I see this. The comments are the end from viewers are so true.

Any volunteers to warm up Tomasz's frozen ball?

Ta muchly to MEHColeman for the video


  1. a warm tongue should defrost it.

  2. Oof! Now there's a thought Terratec, a very nice thought [wanders off for a lie-down]