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2 Jan 2010

Up the council gritter

At last! I saw some heavy snowfall today {ii}, although it barely settled on the streets of Nottingham, West Bridgford and environs-- didn't get much above 2C today though-- by this evening it had all melted {i}. Unlike the white stuff over the Pennines, still blocking many major routes over said range.

Anyway to, the price of eggs: Tomasz treated us to an impressive entrance today... very showbiz! The gallery at the News Channel had the cheek to keep us waiting for our fix of The Schaf. Thankfully our Tomasz appeared with a cheery "here I am!", open palms and a cute snigger. I think Dan Corbett nicked Tomasz's tie later!

So make sure you watch Country Tracks tomorrow, the Weather God ought to be on with his five-day forecast. More scenes like this, we hope...

Thanks to Terratec365 for his usual hardwork

{i} Didn't stop Robert Earnshaw from missing his penalty though did it? One for Forest fans [wink]
{ii} That'll serve me right for not putting my contacts in before going on a morning walk.

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