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3 Jan 2010

Venus in blue jeans

Oh Tomasz... your Country Track forecasts just get better and better! I'm not worthy. Jesteś najpiękniejszy.

The Schaf was looking stunning today; I was certainly overcome with joy and let out a big sigh watching the forecast. Once again Tomasz had a perfect choice of jeans; plus the shirt showed off his amazingly curved isobars.

I was particularly interested when Tomasz talking of a "front sliding in". I know, I need to get out more! Actually if I do, it's likely to be a touch parky outside... more snow forecast too, which is typical since I'm off to funeral {i} in Skipton (N Yorks) on Friday too-- in the centre of the Pennines!

Judging by Tomasz's forecast, there's a reason why he aren't getting warmer weather. A large area of high-pressure to the south-west backed up by a pertly-packed mass, thrusting the cold air towards us. You'll see what I mean {ii}...

Thanks to pj8210 for the video

{i} I prefer funerals to weddings-- at least you don't have to hope for a happy ending.
{ii} Or as they say in Polish: "On ma ładny tyłek". I think that's right.


  1. I too enjoyed watching his morning broadcast this morning ;) Do you think there was a button undone on his jeans (deliberately, perhaps, to tantalise his followers)? Most entertaining!

  2. But did you notice the caption writer's mistake? He had our hero down as SchaRernaker!!!

  3. @Bill
    He actually did a forecast in the spring, with a button undone on his jeans (blue-grey pair, matched his eyes nicely)-- I think the strain undid it! Or maybe he did to tantalise sad perv... I mean... adoring fans, such as I [LOL]

    For some reason I didn't notice what the weather was doing that week.

    I didn't notice that blunder at first, somebody pointed it out on Fbk. "Sharernaker"... perhaps it's an invitation (!)