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5 Jan 2010

That's the weather, for now-- or is it?

As we know Tomasz has many talents {i}: Entertaining weather forecasting, art, fashion, cycling marathons, gardening, witty phraseology and just being talent.

Amongst Tomasz's many gifts, appears to be impersonating people {ii}: Have a guess at who The Schaf is doing an impression of here...

^ July 2008

Of course there is only one Dan Corbett: Anybody who admires his "whooshing", "blue plasticine", "trouble-makers" and "pic-nic baskets" will find this site of interest-- visit it and see that it is good

Speaking of Tomasz's colleagues, Alex Deakin is on Celebrity Mastermind this Thursday-- BBC1 at 8pm. He competes against John Higgins, Michael "peepil" Howard and Beverley Knight. Alex's special subject will be the Stone Roses, although he wanted it to be Liverpool FC (confer Janice Long last night). Let's hope John Humphreys didn't interupt him too much [corny chuckle]

{i} I always in awe of his talents, he is "doskonaƂy". Whereas I'm multi-untalented.
{ii} Whatever happened to Mike Yarwood? Up there with the great mysteries of the universe.


  1. The Schaf is Britain's premier Daniel Corbett impersonator (Alistair McGowan's impression not being up to much, IMO).

    Cheers for the link!

    Why wasn't Alex's specialist subject 'the weather'? Surely he'd win hands down!

  2. Tomasz has the pleasure of working with him regularly, so he gets to observe him closely: Tomasz has a wonderful sense of humour, I bet somebody dared him to do it!

    I was wondering that about Alex! I notice Paul Gambacini didn't select anything to do with pop music for his questions? The real test comes from the general knowledge segment afterwards; Alex seems like a clever chap, so he ought to do well on that.