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7 Jan 2010

Tomasz on Radio Devil... I mean... Radio Devon

Lovely to hear The Schaf's dulcet tones over the local airwaves-- this time on BBC Radio Devon. Round my way, it's the aptly-named Sara Blizzard {i}. You wouldn't get talk of spicy metaphors with her, oh no! I had a flat battery recently, I indeed was mildly displeasured by it {iv}

Fast-foward to 1:53...

I like the way he remained uncontroversial with certain topics, good on you Tomasz.
Anyway I hope your cold does get better... plenty of fluids {ii}, sleep {iii} and a nice long walk in the fresh air to blow the cobwebs out-- that'll get your nose streaming!
Wroć prędko do zdrowia

{i} Yes really, that is her name
{ii} Water... obviously
{iii} Perhaps not practical with nighshifts. Mess with you immune system, irregular circadian rhythms [hoists notional bosom]
{iv} That sentence is best said with a "John Shuttleworth" delivery.

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