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8 Jan 2010

Happy birthday Tomasz!

As you may have cunningly deduced from the title of my blog, it's Tomasz's birthday today. So if you're reading this Tomasz: Wszystkiego najlepszego na urodziny

My sources tell me he is 31-- he doesn't look it-- getting better with age I'd say! Perhaps The Schaf is like a fine wine, becoming more sumptuous with the passing years: In fact when I observe Tomasz, I'm often inclined to have a Semillion.

So many happy returns Tomasz... sorry: Wiele szczęśliwe powroty. Let's hope he has a great day.

Least the snow has stopped... has round my way anyway [ha]. Thankfully only an inch has ever settled... still 'bluddeh parkeh' though!


  1. Happy birthday Tomasz! Any chance, for my birthday, you can get me Laura Tobin's phone number, please? :)

  2. Taking liberties there our Dom [wry wink]. I believe Laura is engaged alas.

    No doubt that will engender a Mutley chunter from you [haha]

  3. Roger, Roger, he was 31 back in August ...
    we had this chat before,
    glad he is keeping you happy!

  4. Hi anonymous,

    I appreciate you mentioned this before, however I have evidence to the contrary...

    First of all his Myspace profile changed from 30 to 31 on Jan 8th; also the founder of the Tomasz Schafernaker fan page announced it was his birthday on that date. Also on his Fbk profile he uploaded a 30 sign on Jan 8th last year.

    Unless you have proof positive his birthday is August (sincere question)?

    Yup he makes me inordinately happy ;-)

  5. well how about google schafernaker, birthday and August ?

    However it never cccurred to me that my info could be the result of a false posting...

    i do have my sources too...

    i see by your new postings that Tom has er diversified,,,, never would have thought it,hi comng from Gdansk and all.

    Keep up the good work Roger. Its an interesting and thoughtful blog

  6. Ah thanks Anonymous.

    He puts Jan 8th on his Myspace on Fbk page, so that's good enough for me-- unless he has two birthdays like the Queen [ha]! It would be nice if it could confirm it in person. Up close and personal... yess...

    Er... anyway... I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. He was on form today on telly, hope to upload later.

  7. i think Tom needs to watch out if he believes his own press,,lol

  8. I can't believe how many people have only just realised how hot he is! Where have they been all our lives [LOL]

    I think you're right there Anonymous. He had a large legion of gay fans before (when he just gave us teasing glances of his physique on Country Tracks!)-- but now he will have a massive following [sigh] {i}

    I'd be at the back of a very long queue mind, waaaay out of my league. That said, I'm sure he has a doting significant other to fend off overly enthusiatic admirers.