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12 Jan 2010

The Gdansk Giggler

A bit quiet of The Schaf front of late-- I hope Tomasz is having a well-deserved rest, and has recovered from his cold.

I've had another rummage in the archives, to quench our withdrawl symptoms. This is from March 2008 {i}, our hero gets endearingly tongue-tied. It's worth it though, because Tomasz treats us to his adorable giggle:

Meanwhile on Radio 2 this morning, Susan "Supoo" Powell revealed the secret of Tomasz's Christmas tie. He had made it himself, by sticking on shiny stars to a plain tie-- "Blue Peter fashion". I wonder what he's like with sticky-back plastic?


Thanks to Diehard Dom for the video.

{i} He looks even better now, than he did then!


  1. If you are a reader of Attitude manazine, then expect a big (and pleasant) surprise in the February issue, out today - apparently Tomasz features in their new 'Active' magazine insert. I should be receiving my mail copy in a day or so - can't wait ;)

  2. Ooh, I can't wait either! What does this Active magazine insert usually involve?

  3. If you email me, I can send you a cover image of Tomasz in nothing but tiny shorts and looking very buff! He's got a great body hidden under those suits! Email ryanjaprice(AT)
    Mwah!! Ryan Xx

  4. I would love that, thanks Ryan. You would make me inordinately happy. My heart is racing just thinking about it... I never thought I'd see the day! Those rugby shirts certain weren't deceptive. I'm suprised Tomasz can fit into tiny shorts, as he's rather 'big' [wink]

    Was there an interview as well? I can't wait to get my hands on the magazine now.

  5. Active is a new insert in Attitude so I haven't seen it yet; I heard about it through Attitude's regular emails (to which I subscribe); my mail subscription copy of the magazine will probably arrive in the next day or so, but I understand from the email the new insert is about health and fitness - no doubt why they asked Tomasz to feature, given his cycling enthusiasm - and his frankly great body and looks. As Ryan mentions, the small picture of him in the email shows him in quite brief shorts, with a lovely '6-pack' above them ;) Attitude should be on most supermarket magazine shelves by next week at the latest - before subscribing I used to get mine at my local Tesco.

  6. just got my copy today, oh my god what a body !!

  7. You'll have more than a Semillon.

    It's available here:

  8. i guess thats a very old pic in the mag then.
    There's no way Tom would do shots like these today.
    If it is a new shot dont expect him on your tv set for much longer !

  9. @Bill: I wondered where you and others had got that preview shot! I still recovering, I sweating like a pregnant nun-- priapicism doesn't cover it.

    He's even better than I imagined (usually when wearing those lycra and rubgy shirts!). Probably just as well he chose dark shorts, otherwise he'd have my eye out.

    @Anon: Ooh... intrigue... what makes you think he won't be on telly much longer? Alex Beresford (ITV West's weatherman) did a nude shot for Cosmo a few months ago-- unless ITV is more laid back about these things. Well, they employ Piers Morgan, so make of ITV's standards what you will [wink]

  10. well its not the sort of thing broadcast meterologists do at the beeb. They are employed by the Met office. At ITV they just use presenters,,,,
    Always a bit of a rebel our Tomasz...

    watch this apsce.

  11. Yup-- Alex Deakin just gets to appear on Mastermind!

    Jon Mitchell is the only ITV weather presenter to be employed by the Met Office as far I know...

    R Jon originally worked at the MO's Leeds Weather Centre, and he was coaxed into doing some presenting work to cover for Bob Rust in the late 1980s. Mr Mitchell has presented for Calendar since, still in the employment of the MO

    As for Tomasz... he did reveal in his interview he "often gets into trouble" with his producers-- but they are "forgiving". Darn right too! They did forgive Bill Giles/Michael Fish for a certain incident in Oct 1987 [wink]

    I like his rebellious personality... it's his character that first drew my attention-- before his aesthetic features-- I'm not completely shallow [LOLish]