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12 Jan 2010

Tomasz has Attitude

Words fail me on this, I'd never thought I'd see the day-- I almost had a heart attack when I saw this... well I certainly hurt myself [wink #1]

Tomasz has posed for Attitude magazine, in their new "Active" section. Even better than I could ever imagine! Of course regular visitors to this blog knew he was hiding something special under his rugby shirts on Country Tracks, we didn't realise how special

Tomasz: Pani uroda mnie olsniewa, jestem wprost bez tchu jestes bardzo przystojny; swietnie wygladasz, swietnie wygladasz, masz ladne oczy {ii}

I'm heavily indebted to Ryan Price for that initial pic and the poster who made me aware of the intial link-- I am inordinately happy. The Jan edition was still out in the newsagents today, I can't wait until Feb hits the shelves. I wonder what secret Tomasz is hiding eh [wink #2]? I hope there are pics like that, or a nice interview!

Never mind a Semillion {i}, I went all Ken & Kenneth when I saw that. I feel ugly and inadquate all of a sudden.

Bless you Tomasz!

{i} More like a pan-handle.
{ii} Linguaphone, eat your eyes out.


  1. Oh thank you. Thank you.

  2. The pleasure was all mine. Literally and metaphorically.

    Birthday suit him sir.

    ["Dity mack" emoticon]

  3. Hi Roger,

    thought I'd pop over from FMF to say "phwoar" for this pic (there's a larger version on Digital Spy by the way).

    Keep up the good work (Tomasz is keeping other things up).


  4. Hi there Tzukenut, lovely to see you here. I saw the large version on Twitter too, I downsized it a bit to fit on the page here-- although it does diminish the effect.

    Ooh! Keeping other thing up sir? Ooh! Suit us. I may have shrunk the picture sir, but I've expanded other things-- ooh!

  5. I had my mail subscription copy of Attitude for February today - it's every bit as good as anticipated. In addition to the cover pic on 'Active' (is that an indication do you think - lol?) there are 4 additional pics inside - all very pleasant to look at indeed!

  6. Oh Bill, your torturing me now! I have to wait literally days until I get my hands on a copy :-( I'm sweating like Tiger Woods at marriage counselling.

    Tomasz in various positions... I can see him being active certainly (ooh!). What does he have say for himself? I bet he's a tease as usual. He was on form at midday on the News Channel-- I'm just about to listen to him on R4.

    I too have no fat on me... but I don't have any muscle either [self-aware LOL]

  7. @Anonymous:
    You're not him are you [haha]? I like to think he graces with us with his ethereal presence.

    He truly is beautiful-- inside and out.

    ["Vic Reeves thigh rub" emoticon]

  8. i'm sure Tom is loving all this attention...
    i think its time you met him or get him to endorse your blog...

    remember a blog is for life not just for christmas

  9. @Anonymous (#2?)
    Well I've been going ardently since September last year, such is my dedication! Tomasz is cuter than any puppy in my opinion, although I'm inclined to think about a doggy when I see Tomasz sometimes.

    I'll write a letter to him under my real name {i}, and I'll confess to writing this blog! I'll give my email address just in case he has any issues with what I have written, I wouldn't want to offend him or freak him out!

    {i} I was drinking out my Viz Roger Mellie mug when I first wrote this blog, hence the inspiration for my blog.

    Roger is "on the telly" after all, and he has an assistant called Tom!

  10. PS: I wouldn't know about how to go about meeting The Schaf... bar doing a BBC tour; but knowing my luck, I would pick a day he wasn't working!

  11. anonymous 2 is right though i post regularly...

  12. Ah I see-- I appreciate your contributions all the same :-)

    All these anon folks, get me confused! Understandable though: They do say one's brain-cells started dying in one's mid-20s