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13 Jan 2010

PS de resistance

As if seeing *that* picture wasn't good enough Tomasz, appeared on telly today; wearing more clothes on this occasion (we don't wanted to be distracted from the treacherous hibernal weather-- too much!) and giving us a Fred "How" Dinage wave {i}. From 11:27 today.

Tomasz has certainly given me a warm glow recently, but one only zinc tablets can sustain. Ta muchly to Terratec365 for the video upload.

{i} Altogether: "That's how for now". Is it Dinage or Dineage? I never know.


  1. bizarrely it was spelt 'Dinenage' but pronounced 'Dine-edge'

  2. Ah thanks for that, I've seen three different versions of his surname.

    I don't live in the Meridian transmission area, so I can't refer to that!