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14 Jan 2010

Arise the Schaffanatics!

Considering a certain photoshoot has caused a large swell... in visitor numbers... I think it's only right that I officially create a name, for those who would like to get on their knees and worship Tomasz.

So arise the "Schaffanatics"! Or "Schaffans" for short, I don't want to be risking RSI typing out the former all the time. Well we have TOGs for Terry Wogan and Noonatics for Peter Noone-- so why not Schaffanatics!

I've just about recovered from seeing that photoshoot, via rigorous bouts of self-discipline. Then up pops Tomasz on the News Channel, with a lovely layer of stubble and his benzene-ring tie accentuating his luscious pink lips. He provactively talked of "thermometers rocketing" over the next few days, but he conceded that it was "a bit an exaggeration"-- he underestimates the power of his photos in Attitude (or the gorgeous smile he does at the end of the following)

Speaking of which, I finally got my hands on a hard one today-- a copy of Attitude that is. A lovely interview with Tomasz about his fitness regime and his work at the Weather Centre, plus some bonus pictures!

I shall scan it for tomorrow. If I do them now, I'll be doing my impression of the Emley Moor Tower again!

Speaking of leching on the Internet, by popular request:

Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams we salute you. I also salute Terratec365 for his hard work too

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