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15 Jan 2010

The second coming

First off: I want to say welcome {i} to my new followers, I'm very honoured that you have come on board! Hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

I have Tomasz's full Attitude interview (buy it now!) and accompanying photos for your satisfaction/inspection/rumination/cogitation/titilation/self-pollution below. I confess that I have used the dodge tool on Photoshop on the shorts... fancy making him wear dark-coloured shorts!

NB: You can magnify the photos by left-clicking on them

I'm glad that when he gets into trouble with producers, they are very forgiving! Rightly so, he's star... if he ever isn't forgiven, being slapped on the legs is the only punishment suitable.

I take my hat off to Tomasz though. I can walk briskly for 15 miles, doesn't bother me-- run for 15 yards it knackers me! Probably because I'm 6'2" of chewed string [ha]

My favourite part of the interview, is where he reveals he has lots of stamina. I bet he does... I nearly fainted when I read that! Ooh, suit me.

We just need him to do a John Andresen shoot now.

{i} Or should that be: "Witamy"? Or "wilkommen", "bienvenue", "velkommen", "croeso", "bienvenido", "welkom", failt", "Vítáme te" or "bem-vindos"


  1. oh he is just such a sweetheart;)
    I'm in Poland, and used to watch a lot a of UK tv for language practice, and I never knew there was a Polish guy aboard, and such a hottie! (I didn't think Polish Britons have much presence in the media).

    Would be cool if he ever decided to do some gay rights activism here in Poland. The upcoming EuroPride in June would be such a great opportunity.

  2. What's fascinating about this is that I did a post about Ronaldo's sexy new pics for Armani and my one about The Schaf had far more hits! lol.

  3. @Grooming Guru
    Judging by comments made in the press about Ronaldo, people (well women at least) think he looks a complete "tit", artificial and too well groomed-- my female friends concur with this. Perhaps football loyalties and opinions about Ronaldo as a person factor in this attitude too?

    Whereas with Tomasz, I've not heard one bad comment-- I think people have been pleasantly surprised!

    I've long been of a fan of his; as I say those Country Tracks performances had given me a strong hint about his physique-- even I didn't think he was that good! Relieved to see he doesn't have an tatoos or piercings either

  4. Dzień dobry Pawel-- co słychać?

    According to his BBC profile, Tomasz does return to Gdansk regularly-- so you may see him around the Tri City one day! He does Twitter updates in Polish sometimes too.

    We've had a noticeable Polish community in the UK since after World War Two-- especially in places like Ealing (in London)-- this has increased in past few years. There are countless Polish plumbers, builders and mechanics in the UK now-- are very hard-workers they are too :-)

    As for the media, Tomasz is probaby the highest profile Pole in the UK media: Along with Wanda Opalinska, who plays Wiki Dankowska in Coronation Street-- the UK's most popular programme.

    Wiki is Polish immigrant, who was hired to work in the knicker factory Underworld. She faced a little prejudice by some of her colleagues, but she is now warmly accepted by her colleagues-- and viewers too!

    Wanda is currently on maternity leave, so Wiki is not in Coronation Street at present-- she's looking after her ill mother in Poland.

    You may have heard of some of the following?

    Dziękuję Pawel :-)