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15 Jan 2010

You wouldn't let it lie

Lest we forget, Tomasz does have his day job (rejoice!). He was looking ravishing with his stubble again; that tie that compliments his sultry blue-grey eyes.

Never mind annular eclispe, I got a total eclipse of the heart watching this {i}

These late-week appearances by Tomasz augur well for a Country Tracks performance. I trust we have been performing raindances, capering naked around midnight bonfires and otherwise beseeching Providence etc-- in the hope that The Divine One will be appearing this Sunday?

All the more tantalising, now we know what causes all those curves under his tight shirts. Maybe one day he'll do a shoot for John Andresen so we can find out what he has underneath his jeans. Time for my lie down again [chortle]

Ta muchly to Terratec 365, for his usually stellar work

{i} [Cue "raspy Swansea" accent]: Turn around bright eyes. Oof, I think Bonnie Tyler must gargle with gravel.

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