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26 Dec 2009

Boxing clever

The Schaf returned today on the News Channel, BBC1 and R4-- he was wearing a fetching blue tie with yellow dots on. No Boxing Day badinage to report from today. Perhaps Tomasz is worn out after having a juicy turkey and copious amounts of stuffing!

Or he could be disappointed the snow has melted. I went for a walk in Wollaton Park, and it was all slushy... I'll be having to re-wax my hiking boots now! Glamorous life I lead. I'm told the snow may return next week though... I suspect Tomasz will tell us as mid-day tomorrow, on the five-day forecast.

Now you may not be satisfied with a present you've received from Santa this year, so you may wish to sell it on a well-known internet auction site. In June 2008 Nicholas Owen contemplated on whether to sell poor Tomasz on E-bay or not! With the following tongue action, who would want to?

Thanks to GMCAG for the video

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