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17 Dec 2009

Snow joke

No sign of Tomasz this week, no doubt he is lagging himself against the cold. As you may have heard, bitter winds are bringing in snow over the next few days: So I thought I'd raid the archives, for a 'topical' clip of Tomasz.

Thanks to Terratec365 for the clip

Hope you enjoy the rosy-cheek weather...


  1. toamsz's absence this week could mean he's on for friday,saturday and sunday?
    you never know.

  2. No sign of him today, here's hoping he's on tomorrow or Sunday. Unless he's gone to Poland, to visit rellies.

    No snow at all round my way-- bright blue sky and sunshine-- brass monkeys temperature though!

  3. we've had a dusting of snow yesterday and it's still around today (too cold for it to thaw).
    snow is forecast on sunday for my part of the world so fingers crossed!

  4. I'm jealous! I seldom get snow round my way, The snow we had in Feb was the first I'd had in ages... then again, it doesn't rain that much round my way either!

    Yeah the wind is switching around to the NW isn't it; so snow for Norn Iron, Isle of Man and Northwest England!