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19 Dec 2009

Sweet tweets

Tomasz has been absent from our airwaves this week, but he knows to treat his fans-- or rather 'tweet' them:

"Wow... my last tweet was in August! Lets do some tweetin' again! Will it Snowfernaker tonight in London?".

Lovely to hear from you again, our Tomasz. I like the tweet in Polish:

"Znowu zbliża się śnieżyca do Londynu"

I speak French well, my German is so-so and I know a smattering of Norwegian {i}; but I'm ashamed to say I know no Polish (sorry Tomasz!). Such is my dedication, I ran the above through an online translator, it read: "It approaches for London again", but did not recognise "śnieżyca". I'm guessing it means snow? Do you any of you fine folk know any Polish, and could anyone clarify that?

Well I for one look foward to reading more of The Schaf's tweets. We can but hope he'll do a special performance for us tomorrow on Country Tracks!

Still no snow where I live! As one bloke said on the bus this morning: "Bluddeh cowd enough for it"!

{i} Bokmaal to be specific.


  1. "Again a blizzard is approaching London." (śnieżyca means blizzard. though it can also mean snowflake!)

  2. I ran it through Google translate and it came up with:

    Again approaching the flurry in London

    - I don't know Polish either, my languages are limited to French and Arabic and a little Vietnamese.

    Like you, I find Tomasz a very attractive and amusing character, with a great screen-presence. And I love his stylish clothes, specially his colourful ties. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago because I wanted to blog about him, but when searching YouTube for a suitable video-clip to use found your blog and thought how amazing it was that someone else was already on the case :)

  3. @Anon
    Many thanks for the translation, very useful. Least Polish isn't like the Inuit language, where they reputedly of dozens of words for varying types of snow (although Stephen Fry would probably inform me that is an urban myth!)

    Thanks very much for the kind comments-- I hope I haven't stolen your thunder! Your comments are always welcome on here :-)

    I started this in September, after seeing a number of comments suggesting there should be some kind of chat-group/blog for The Schaf. So I thought I would show benevolence, and bestow such a site on the world!

    He certainly is attractive, charismatic and has great dress sense... extremely adorable all in all [sigh]

  4. PS: I've finally had a light sprinkling of snow on the pavements this morning, which had turned icy-- had to skate to the newsagents this morning! There was a snow shower between 3 and 4pm today, only settled a bit on pavements and lawns; glad it did, covered up that ice.

    Otherwise I've had no snow-- temperatures have been no so bad-- managed to get to 3C today. The advantages of living in a rain shadow area!

  5. Tomasz makes every forecast fun, he makes it interesting and sound good even when it is all rain or snow, keep up the good work, Britains best forecaster

  6. Thanks Anonymous, I shall endeavour to do Tomasz justice! He's definitely Britain's best forecaster, of that there can be no doubt.

    He's "zdumienie".