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20 Jan 2010

Double entry

Cześć to my new followers!

A blog post for yesterday and today: The Schaf's appearances have been fewer in the past couple of days, with live feeds from the Iraq inquiry and updates from Haiti understandably dominating air-time on the BBC News Channel.

Despite alleged ructions over his photoshoot, he was his usual adorable and bubbly self-- although the stubble had disappeared yesterday-- he still looks piękny.


I think Tomasz always has something pleasant in store for us-- never grey with him! Speaking of which, another pink tie-- perhaps this is becoming a trademark? On to more profound issues, I do like Tomasz's didactic explanations about the interaction of air masses-- he makes a superb teacher.


Tomasz's buzzphrase was "winter is knocking on the door again", and it appears hibernal weather is upon in the UK again for the next couple of days. Has affected my part of the UK yet though, dry and a postively tropical 6C today: However if there is peril in Powys or the Pennines, we want our Tomasz to inform us about it. I suspect The Schaf will have a busy shift ahead of him!

Many thanks to Terratec365, especially for the slo-mo closeup!

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