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18 Jan 2010

Pure Goldwasser

The BBC's own Goldwasser in human form was certainly golden today. Firstly Kate Silverton mistakenly called him George on the News At One! A less phlegmatic individual would've baulked at such mistaken identity, but our słodky Tomasz laughed it off with his heart-melting giggle. Kate gamely expressed her gratitude at the end of her broadcast.

Tomasz is continuing with his unshaven look, sporting a nice growth of dark blond stubble-- I couldn't help but think what a nice rash it would give one-- then he finished with one of his coquettish smiles [sigh]. Another great blue tie too, suits him (sir), brigthens up the grey.

Thanks to Terratec365 for the video


  1. Hi...
    Greetings from Poland, homeland of gorgeous weatherman Tomasz which you write about.

  2. Dziękuję Xell-- jak się pan ma! Miło mi pana poznać!

    You must be very proud of Tomasz, he's very special-- gorgeous inside and out-- he is doskonały.

    Do zobaczenia.

  3. awesome site, can't wait to see more of him

  4. Thank you Anonymous :-) I've been doing this site since September last year, so plenty of archive material for you! I'm about to do a blog for tonight (and yesterday), so eyeballs at the ready!