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17 Jan 2010

Craven Haven

Firstly "cześć" to my Polish visitors-- I see that Tomasz's appearance in Attitude has featured in the Polish media too! Please forgive my poor Polish, I'm trying to learn the basics (and perhaps more). So: Jak się masz?

In the next few weeks, the legendary John Craven will have been at the helm of Countryfile for an impressive 21 years! Countryfile started in August 1988: A few months into the programme, John Craven decided to finish his long run at Newsround {i}, so that he could front Countryfile-- and there he has remained!

A revamp of the show in 2009 saw Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury become the main presenters, with JC re-assigned to investigative features on the more serious issues facing rural areas.

What has this all got to do with The Schaf, I hear you cry: Well In August 2008, there was a special show to celebrate 20 years of Countryfile. Who better to do the weather forecast for it, than our very own Tomasz!

^Thanks to GMCAG for the video

One of the biggest surprises for me this week, has been how many people didn't realise how buff Tomasz is. If you look beneath and between the oh-so-neatly folded sleeves, there were pretty strong hints even two years ago [haha]! It's definitely better that he wears jeans now though, to show off other parts too!

{i} Newsround being the show John Craven himself created-- all round telly legend.


  1. Ok, enough with the talking, how can we get Schat on Alan Carr and Graham Norton, so that we could find out some interesting things about him?:)

  2. Much as I regret putting a dampener on matters (I'm a fan of Tomasz too, after all) it appears that the BBC is putting the contract for weather forecasting out to tender, possibly for the first time ever since 1923 when it first started broadcasting; the contract for weather forecast supply comes up for renewal in April this year. It has always used the Met Office (part of the Ministry of Defence) since then, but its medium- and long-range forecasts have come under severe criticism recently because of several major errors, which were not made by rival weather forecast providers, it seems. Read this article in The Guardian for more:

    It seems that rival provider Metra, from New Zealand, is now used (or at least its UK subsidiary 'Weather Commerce' is) by several major commercial interests (including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose) which require accurate forecasts for their future stock- and distribution-planning. It is hopeful it stands a reasonable chance of wresting the contract away from the Met Office.

    If this happened it is possible that all 24 weather presenters currently on the BBC would lose their jobs. Personally I find this unlikely (if only because of the backlash that might be created by contracting with a foreign company, albeit one from a country such as NZ with which this country has such close historic and emotional links), but it's as well to be aware. I wouldn't want you suffering palpitations in a few months if you were suddenly to become aware of a fait accompli.

  3. @Bill
    Thanks for the info, much appreciated: I had read about this the other day, when Paul Hudson (BBC Look North Leeds/Hull forecaster) was criticising the Met Office in his blog-- about their faulty equipment. Certainly Piers Corbyn does a far more accurate forecast than the Met Office these days!

    Also the government has considered privatising the Met Office, whether a Conservative government would entertain this idea, remains to be seen.

    I'd hate to think all the BBC presenters would get sacked, I'd imagine there would be a backlash. Perhaps Tomasz's 'diversification' is pre-empting this?

  4. @Pawel

    Tomasz on Alan Carr or Graham Norton? They'd enjoy that! Oh-- you meant their shows didn't you [LOL]. Good idea that, considering Tomasz's amusing revelations on Janice Long's show.

    Carol Kirkwood is the only one who crops up on a chat show... well if you can call The One Show a chat show! If Alex Deakin can appear on Mastermind, who knows.

  5. PS Bill:

    I suspect Met Office union will be poring over the fine print of TUPE legislation?

  6. Can help you with the Polish if you want ;-)

  7. That's very kind of you Kamil, dziękuję! I only know the basics though, apologies if I've butchered the language in anyway [LOL]